My JLPT Journey: Please Help Me Pass!


The Japanese Language Proficiency Test (or JLPT) is something I always knew about but never really considered taking.

My Japanese is OK. I can order at a restaurant, have a conversation and get by just fine.

Recently, though, my motivation kicked up again when I realised that I want to live in Japan forever. And being ‘OK’ is simply not good enough.

The JLPT will be held at the University of Edinburgh and the University of London on July 3rd 2016. Edinburgh is closer, so I’ll be going there. Registration begins in March.

That gives me just over five months – or 155 days, to be exact – to study and prepare.


The JLPT comes in five levels – N5, N4, N3, N2 and N1, easiest to the most difficult, respectively. I’m going to go for N2. That means studying every day until the day of the test.

My Kanji textbook is wonderful. I love this thing. 13 kanji a day at my currect level = 2000+ by 3rd July.

I also just ordered JLPT prepatory textbooks from Amazon, but since they’re shipping from Japan, they won’t be here until mid-February.

Looks like writing for FluentU is going to pay off.

Please post some goodwill comments to keep up my motivation! I’ll be posting my progress as time goes on. Much love ❤



8 thoughts on “My JLPT Journey: Please Help Me Pass!

  1. Joseph Dantona

    I have a feeling you will be far more proficient come July 3rd than you may realise now 🙂 –You are gifted with a determination and desire that no test may hinder.


  2. Chika Kumagai

    I cried at your saying ‘I want to live in Japan for ever.’ I know grade 2 is difficult, but it’s a good proof to show your Japanese proficiency.

    Good luck and here is a quiz:p
    1 戦後、日本は「貧しい」時代を経験した。
    a きびしい bはげしい cけわしい dきびしい


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