What was your 23rd birthday like?

Afternoon, darlings.

Saturday was my 23rd birthday, and as I didn’t leave the house and spent most of the afternoon arguing with someone I care about, it wasn’t the best birthday I’ve ever had. Beats last year when I was in the hospital, though.

Anyway I’m really hoping the whole ‘adult’ thing will kick in sometime soon.

What was your 23rd birthday like? If you’re not 23 yet, what do you hope to achieve by 23?

Leave me a message ❤


One thought on “What was your 23rd birthday like?

  1. Chika Kumagai

    Happy 23rd birthday, although it’s late. I remember that I was just working hard at my first job at the age of 23. Everyday I was busy with preparing lessons at an English conversation school but it was fun hanging out with the native teachers and students!


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