Something Amazing Happened To Me Today

Something amazing happened to me today.

First of all, you should know I’ve had the same email address since I was about ten years old. Say, 2003, 2004. It was my first email address ever from when Mum first got her brand new computer – a massive white thing that was pretty heavy. I still use that email account to this day.

Anyway, I was digging around for old photo scans of my passport and things, reasons for which I’ll explain later. I found an email from February 2009 from my Mum with the subject “files from laptop”.

She had sent a bunch of old files from what I can only assume was a laptop she was replacing. On it were a couple of photos from school and what have you which brought back some fond (and sometimes cringy) memories.

There were also a couple of Microsoft Word files. I took a closer look, and I started grinning. Then I laughed. Here were five stories I wrote years and years ago – my Fire Princess series.

Now, these books were extremely close to my heart. As a child – from around ten – I’d type away at my computer in my room (this computer was huge and heavy, too, and didn’t have internet), sometimes for hours at a time, completely into my Fire Princess books and convinced I was penning the next bestseller. The first story I quite literally DID pen; I scribbled it onto A4 blank paper before my mum kindly typed it all up for me. I thought all of those old stories, except the first and maybe the second, had been lost, but here they were, in my old email address in cyberspace.

I spent the rest of the afternoon reading through these books, the last three of which I can’t even really remember writing. I found myself smiling at my old optimism, laughing aloud at some of the jokes, and remembering fondly how the smaller details didn’t matter. Tiene lives on the moon with all her other alien friends. Lots of the aliens have human names because why not? Most of the food is like western Earth food because why not? It takes just ten minutes to get to Jupiter on her magical ‘Wizzaway’ boots because, well, why not?

I had such fun reading through the old Microsoft Word files. Back then I was so excited about writing; I didn’t think I was the best, but I knew that one day I’d find my way in the world of writing. It was really before criticism, “what-if”s and self-doubt crept in.

It was nice, reliving those memories.

I’m seriously thinking of compiling these stories together to make a book; for personal use only. Growing up, I always promised myself I’d come back to them and make them good enough to be published, which of course they aren’t now. It was a really amazing blast from the past that happened today.

Thanks for reading! I’m glad I could share this experience with you. If you’d like to know more about Tiene and her adventures, leave a comment below. Who knows, she might even get revamped one day into a children’s series or something.

Later, darlings.





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