You Need an Editor.

I love indie books. I buy and read at least a few a month, and like to ‘discover’ up and coming writers by being one of the first to write and review their work. For example, I was one of the lucky people who got to read Amie: An African Adventure during its early stages. It now has over seventy reviews.

Amie An African Adventure by Lucinda E. Clarke

One downside to indie books is that writers are often so excited to publish that they skip over what is possibly the most important step of all – editing and proofreading.

There is a lot of stigma towards indie books, and a large part of that is lack of professional editing. Narrative is sloppy, potentially fantastic scenes are cut short or lack rhythm, and continuity errors and plotholes cause people to stop reading and, unfortunately, fan the flames of the unfortunately popular opinion that “indie books suck“.

I haven’t sold thousands and thousands of books. I’m young, still climbing my way up the literary ladder, and am still virtually unknown. I haven’t given lectures or taught classes on how to write a great book.

What I have done is proofread over twenty books, essays and memoirs. I have an eagle eye for spelling mistakes, punctuation and grammatical errors. From a young age I could read, spell and write well, and because of my love for books and reading, the written form of the English language has not only been my strength, but my passion.

It makes me happy that I have found a way to contribute to the world of indie literature.

I’m not asking you to hire me. I’m not telling you that I’m the best proofreader you’ll find out there. I’m telling you that I’m affordable, passionate and as well as helping you polish the written quality of your work, I’ll also point out plotholes, continuity errors and my opinions on certain characters or the storyline. Click here for more details on my services, including prices.

You need an editor. Please don’t publish before you’ve found one. Let’s make your book professional and loveable.


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