Write what you want. You’d be surprised at what’s popular…

It’s impossible to predict what people will like.


I don’t know if Psy knew that “Gangnam Style” would take the world by storm quite as strongly as it did, or whether Mark Zuckerberg guessed that his humble website, The Facebook, would host nearly two billion monthly active users by 2016.

Which takes me to my next point. Writing.

It can be easy to fear what you write. No one will like it. No one will read it. No one will get it.

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I write for HubPages, a revenue-sharing online magazine where you can write about pretty much whatever you want as long as it’s reasonably well-written and informative. There are some articles I wrote simply to fill the gaps, that I honestly didn’t expect would get more than a handful of views.

I’m amazed at how wrong I was.

To date, these are my most viewed articles. Look at the titles. Who’d have guessed they’d be so popular…?

When I was a kid, I LOVED the Final Fantasy games, and thought I’d contribute towards X-2 Game Guides when the HD Remaster version was released. I honestly didn’t imagine it would be read 13775+ times…

So my point is, write about whatever you want, because you really can’t predict what will be popular.


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Would You Take the Red Pill or the Blue Pill?

Let’s play “would you rather”!

  • If you had to lose ONE of your five senses (sight, smell, touch and taste), which one would it be and why?
Picture credit: ClipartKid
  • If you had to lose either one leg or one arm, which would it be?
Picture credit: Varibike
  • (Taken from Facebook) There are two pills, blue and red. The blue allows you to instantly be able to understand, speak, write and read every single human language in the world. The red pill allows you to be able to play every musical instrument in the world perfectly. Which pill do you take? (You can’t take both.)
Picture Credit: BusinessInsider

Comment below! I’m interested to see if everyone has the same answers or not.


New Fantasy Release Coming Soon!

Brand new fantasy flash fiction collection by Poppy Reid coming soon!
The Mages came from Atharron. Immortal, kingly beings, they rule over Theldiniya and guide us toward peace, salvation from the savage Darkma in the west. But what about before these godly men arrived on Theldinese soil? What drove them away from their homeland?
Five hundred years before Blood of the Fallen, we explore the stories of those who lived before…



Throwback Thursday! Harry Potter and Hiking

I just wanted to check my emails.377540_2332551555511_1052839912_n

I’ve used Yahoo! since I was about eleven, and always used the same email address. To access it, you have to go through the Yahoo! website. It’s a tabloid, usually throwing information at me about the latest celebrities’ divorce or shocking things politicians have said. I usually ignore them, but today something caught my eye.

It was an article stating that Emma Watson was wearing fake teeth in the final scene of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone. I watched the scene on YouTube; you can’t really notice them. Apparently that scene was one of the first they filmed, and they later decided to remove Hermione’s false teeth.


Just watching the last scene brought back so many memories of being a kid. Mum used to read the Harry Potter books to my brother and I when were were little, so when the first movie came out we were a few of the first to see it. I was eight years old in 2001, and literally grew up with Harry Potter.

The music from the scene reminded me of sitting in the seat in the cinema, so happy to be watching the book come to life, sitting beside my mother, my mum’s best friend Clarky, and my brother. We watched it together four times at the cinema.

These memories led to others – night time trips up to the Isle of Skye, Scotland for last-minute getaways, camping and hiking, drinking coffee from a flask after a chilly walk up a mountain, and even riding the Hogwarts Express train itself on one particularly exciting trip out at York.


Nostalgia is a mixture of happy and sad feelings – happy because of the lovely reminder to simpler times, and sad that those happy feelings will never be fresh and new again. Harry Potter is so widely known now that it isn’t exciting anymore. You can’t ride the Hogwarts Express on a special day out from York to Scarborough now. I’ll never be eight years old again, packed in the back of a car with pillows and sleeping bags and driving up to the Isle of Skye in the middle of the night.




Fond memories are just that… memories.

My 3 Favourite Kanji (Chinese Characters)

Kanji is so pretty. And it feels good to be able to read it. Even better to write it. With the Japanese Language Proficiency Test looming up in December, I’ve got to see many more of these bad boys.

I’m here to share my favourites with you.

1. 神秘 (shinpi)

This means “mystery”. I  like it because, like many other kanji, it’s so logical. The first character means “God” and the second means “secret”. A mystery is God’s secret!

2. 愛 (ai)

This character means “love”. To me, it looks like a face with weak knees – a man in love.

3. 薬 (kusuri)

楽 means “fun”, and the horizontal line with two vertical lines through it means “grass”. Fun + grass = medicine. Medicine is fun grass!

What’s your favourite Chinese character?

It happened! For the first time in years!

Do you remember when you were a child and you just weren’t tired? How did you pass the time? Did you close your eyes and try to sleep like the little angel you hoped your parents believed you to be? Ha! Of course you didn’t.

Did you play your Nintendo Game Boy, using the light of the corridor to light your screen? Or did you read?


From when I was about six up until I was about 14, I read.

The landing light was always on until my dad went to bed in the wee hours, so I’d use the corridor’s glow to read until I couldn’t keep my eyes open. Jacqueline Wilson and Enid Blyton were my favourites – I’d cry for Wilson’s unfortunate child characters, or go on adventures or attend boarding school with Blyton’s creations.

I didn’t realise it at the time, but it’s probably that habit that caused me to need glasses from a young age. A small price to pay.

Anyway, now that we’re adults, such luxuries aren’t as readily available. We’re genuinely tired when we go to bed, and possibly read a few pages or watch videos on YouTube until we pass out.

I’m part of The Write Life‘s review team, and recieved a book called ‘Motherhoodby Lindsey Williams. Last night at about 10pm I opened my Kindle and started to read, expecting to read a few chapters before falling asleep.

Motherhood by Lindsay Williams

By 1am, I’d finished it.

The book was quite good, and I later left a four-star review on Amazon. After I’d reached the last page, I grinned at the ceiling. I’d done it! After years of thinking it would never happen to me again, I had read a full book in one night! I’d been successfully swooped into Jess’ nightmare of being kidnapped, reading from cover to cover in one sitting. It felt wonderful.

Ms. Williams, if you’re reading this, thank you. Your book was great.

Have you read an entire book in one or two sittings? Was the author pleasantly surprised at the speed in which you read it? Tell me!