My 3 Favourite Kanji (Chinese Characters)

Kanji is so pretty. And it feels good to be able to read it. Even better to write it. With the Japanese Language Proficiency Test looming up in December, I’ve got to see many more of these bad boys.

I’m here to share my favourites with you.

1. 神秘 (shinpi)

This means “mystery”. I  like it because, like many other kanji, it’s so logical. The first character means “God” and the second means “secret”. A mystery is God’s secret!

2. 愛 (ai)

This character means “love”. To me, it looks like a face with weak knees – a man in love.

3. 薬 (kusuri)

楽 means “fun”, and the horizontal line with two vertical lines through it means “grass”. Fun + grass = medicine. Medicine is fun grass!

What’s your favourite Chinese character?


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