Write what you want. You’d be surprised at what’s popular…

It’s impossible to predict what people will like.


I don’t know if Psy knew that “Gangnam Style” would take the world by storm quite as strongly as it did, or whether Mark Zuckerberg guessed that his humble website, The Facebook, would host nearly two billion monthly active users by 2016.

Which takes me to my next point. Writing.

It can be easy to fear what you write. No one will like it. No one will read it. No one will get it.

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I write for HubPages, a revenue-sharing online magazine where you can write about pretty much whatever you want as long as it’s reasonably well-written and informative. There are some articles I wrote simply to fill the gaps, that I honestly didn’t expect would get more than a handful of views.

I’m amazed at how wrong I was.

To date, these are my most viewed articles. Look at the titles. Who’d have guessed they’d be so popular…?

When I was a kid, I LOVED the Final Fantasy games, and thought I’d contribute towards X-2 Game Guides when the HD Remaster version was released. I honestly didn’t imagine it would be read 13775+ times…

So my point is, write about whatever you want, because you really can’t predict what will be popular.



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