Remy’s soup

Just watched Ratatouille again and the soup always makes my stomach rumble. I’m going to cook this!

Out of the Ordinary

Have you ever wondered what Remy puts in the soup that Linguini nearly ruins in Ratatouille? Of course you have! We all have. Well, here in the test kitchens of The Ordinary, we’ve done exhaustive research to arrive at the definitive version of the soup, with the precise ingredients that Remy used. Precisely definitive! We watched this scene dozens of times. We’ve listened to characters’ descriptions of the soup, and we’ve analyzed the inner workings of the kitchen to arrive at a soup that is a “spicy yet subtle taste experience.” Let us walk you through it. To begin with, when Linguini nearly knocks the pot off the stove, the soup looks like tomato sauce. We determined, decidedly, that it’s probably some sort of tomato soup. We kept that part simple, but we did add a spicy element, because nothing we saw Remy add could be described as “spicy.” Linguini…

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COMPLETE ROMANCE GUIDE for Dragon Age: Inquisition

Upon searching for romance guides for the Dragon Age: Inquisition characters, I found that you would either find an article on approval or an extremely brief list of "tips". I couldn't find a complete, detailed guide for any of the characters. So, naturally, I wrote my own. If you love Dragon Age: Inquisition as much …

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