Best Music, Monsters and Sexy Outfits in Video Games

I’ve been writing a lot about video games lately. They’re an embarassingly huge part of my 9129266_f260life, and I love to compare and chat about them. I thought I’d share with you my three most popular articles from HubPages on video games.

Top 50 Coolest Enemies and Monsters in Video Games
From the mny-limbed to horrifying to downright funny, a complete list of the 50 most awesome monsters and baddies in games we love and adore.

Best Soundtracks from Video Games
Where wuold games be without their music? Here’s a compilatio of the best soundtracks from games old and new. Includes epic, emotional and classic.



Sexy, Skimpy and Silly Outfits of Female Characters
How does she fight in that thing? A look at some of the most revealing and skimpiest outfits of our favourite female video game characters.


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