Finding Success on HubPages

Earning money writing online is something loads of people dream of. Work from home, write about what you love and relax as the money rolls in. Wouldn’t it be nice if it were that easy.

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This article isn’t about financial success, so I’m sorry to disappoint if that’s what you were looking for. I have no get-rich-quick scheme for writers.

Helium used to be a great site to write for before it was bought out and completely messed up. I can’t find my profile or any of my 90-ish articles on there anymore, so two years ago I gave it up and signed up for HubPages instead.

I was disappointed in myself that I hadn’t started with HubPages from the beginning. HP is an easy site to use; user-friendly, with a nice layout to design articles, or ‘hubs’ as they’re called on the site.

I earn only pennies a day, but recently a great thing has been happening – my hubs keep getting selected for the HubPages network.

This means that not only are people reading my articles, they are being recognised as high-quality enough to invest in. With putting my article on their expanding network, I get more readers, and (maybe) more fans.

It’s a happy moment when I get an email saying my article has been selected for their HubPages network. So far, 10 of them have been selected. Yay!

Have a happy day ❤


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