Junpei Umeda Exclusive Interview! | 梅田じゅんぺいインタービュー!

I live in Tokyo. That means I’m surrounded by magic every day of my life.



Tokyo is a city of discovery. Some of the most talented and interesting people in the world live in this metropolis of 13.6 million.



Junpei Umeda is a gifted young singer and keyboard player who I had the honour of hearing perform in Musashi-Kosugi, Tokyo. He kindly joined me for an interview about his musical journey so far.


The 24-year-old has been playing keyboard for a mere four years, but is already producing some great covers and even some music of his own. Although he also performs using a guitar, he admitted that the keyboard is his favourite instrument.


1689005_383572705114032_4994382763391580865_nWhat kind of music do you play? | どんなジャンルの音楽を弾いていますか?

“I love pop, but my personal style is soul. I like to really speak to people with my music.”


Who are your influences? | 誰に影響受けたんですか?

“I absolutely love Donny Hathaway, an American jazz player. He was a huge inspiration to me. There is also someone else I really enjoy, though he isn’t that well-known yet; Shinsuke Sugahara, a Japanese singer. He’s a great guy and plays some wonderful music.”


What would you say is your favourite song of all time? |一番好きな歌は何ですか?

“That’s a tough one. I’d probably have to go with ‘A Song For You’ by Donny Hathaway.”

「難しい質問ですね。たぶんダニー・ハサウェイの「A Song For You」かな。」

Donny Hathaway was an American soul singer

If you could choose anywhere to perform in the world, where would it be? What’s your dream venue? | もし選べたら、どこの国で演奏したいですか?夢のべニューはどこですか?

“Probably the Apollo Theatre in New York City, though I’d like to play in London as well. I stayed in Wales for a couple of weeks on a homestay program and loved it.”


If you were stranded on a desert island and you could only take one album with you, what would it be? | もし無人島に一人でいくと仮定します。一つアルバムを持って行けるとしたら、それは何ですか?

“That’s a difficult question! I guess I’d say “En Concert” by Jack Johnson. If I could listen to it while building a house on a desert island, I think I could live happily.”

「それも難しい質問ですね。強いて言うならば、ジャック・ジョンソンのEn Concertだと思います。もし家を建てながら彼のアルバムを聞けたとしたら、想像するだけでわくわくします。」

Where do you usually play? | いつもどこで演奏していますか?

“Just my bedroom when I practise. I perform in bars around Tokyo and I also busk on the streets sometimes, though I’ve only been doing that for three months.”


When is your next live performance? | つぎのライブはいつですか?

“This Saturday (26th November) at 8pm in Izumi-Tamagawa. After that will be on Monday 16th January in Shibuya, at O-Crest. I’ll be performing solo.”


Do you have any albums or songs of your own? | アルバムとかシングルとか出していますか?

“My new album, ‘Profeeeeel,’ is out right now. It’s got three of my original songs, and it’s 500 yen.”



What an interesting name! Why did you call it that? | 面白いアルバム名ですね!どうしてそんな名前つけたんですか?

“Social media sites always ask you to fill out your ‘profile’, sort of as a self-introduction, right? Well, this album is an introduction of my music to the world.”


Do you have a message for your fans? | ファンにメッセージがありますか?

「癒しの声をソウルフルに」 / “Let me heal you.”


Thank you for the great interview, Mr. Umeda! If you’re interested in Junpei Umeda’s music, you can check out this great song on YouTube, or you can catch him busking in downtown Tokyo.


Upcoming Live Performances | 今後のライブパフォーマンス予定

Saturday 26th November 2016
RUM BAR, Izumi-Tanagawa

(Time undecided)
Monday 16th January 2017
O-Crest, Shibuya

Contact Junpei Umeda | 梅田淳平連絡先

Facebook: Junpei Umeda
Twitter: @ZnRtx
Junpei Umeda’s blog, “I AM JP”



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