My Dilemma with God and Demons

Last night, I had a dream that my grandmother and I were fighting off an invisible demon that was floating around possessing things and hurting people. Both of us had to yell things at it to make it disappear. In desperation, I shouted “Begone, demon! Jehovah doesn’t want you here! In the name of God, leave!”

Even though I haven’t been a Jehovah’s Witness since I was a teenager, I still fell back on the god I’d grown up with to rid us of the demonic presence. Really, I think if the dream had been real, that’s exactly what I would have done. Why?

Really, anyone who grows up in a religion always carries some of it with them for the rest of their lives. When you’re surrounded by people telling you constantly that something is true, it isn’t easy to shake off. The truth is that I don’t really believe in a god anymore, but I do believe in demons.

That’s where the dilemma hits.

Jehovah’s Witnesses and Demons


Image source: Some Girl’s Words blog


Jehovah’s Witnesses teach that demons do exist. Back in the times of Noah and his ark, God’s angels looked upon the earth and took a fancy to the beautiful women that were knocking about. The angels flew down to earth and mated with them, which spawned the giants of legend. God punished the angels by banning them from coming back to heaven after the flood killed everyone except Noah and his family.

The demons, then, stayed on earth, and although we know they’re invisible and evil, now Satan’s followers, we aren’t told much about them. To me, they were always a terrifying presence not to be messed with, and when there was a story of an exorcism or a video of ghosts, it was proof that God and Satan did indeed exist.

“Proof” of Demons


The fact that I was taught that demons are ex-angels and perfectly capable of ruining your life, I’ve never had any kind of desire to try and contact them. Something which is, apparently, perfectly possible via certain rituals, games, and the classic Ouija board. Therefore, I can never go and find out for myself if they are real and if it’s possible to contact them. I simply don’t dare.

However, there are plenty of stories on the internet of those who have tried summoning demons or even playing with them with certain rituals such as the Midnight Man game and the Hooded Man ritual. Some may argue that they’re just silly stories on the internet. If that’s the case, then we have some incredibly creative storytellers on Reddit.

You can also see videos on YouTube of furniture moving on its own, doors slamming, and unknown entities appearing on camera.

My Grandmother and the Angry Demon


That isn’t all, though. My own grandmother – the same woman who appeared in my dream – was chased by demons when she was younger. The story always stuck with me. Before she became a Jehovah’s Witness, she and her husband, my grandfather, were into the whole spirits and contacting “the other side”. Using their wedding ring, they attempted to contact ghosts or spirits or whatever it was they hoped for.

According to my grandmother, after they started studying the Bible, weird things started to happen. When they tried to sleep at night, items would be thrown around the next room. Once, when alone in the house, my grandmother felt something shove her down the stairs, breaking her wrist.

After they smashed their wedding rings, the connection was severed, destroying their connection with the unknown presence that was stalking them.

My grandmother is a perfectly sane lady and she doesn’t lie. Both she and my grandad witnessed this. They wouldn’t make it up – why would they? What if it really was a demon angry that they were studying the Bible and Jehovah’s word?

We see “proof” of things everywhere that conventional opinion writes off as fantasy or people making things up. Demons are one of them. There are aliens and UFOs. Flat earth. Conspiracy theories. The Mandela Effect. Things there are videos, eyewitness accounts detailing proof yet ignored by most.

This strange world becomes even more strange. What REALLY freaks me out is… what if all of it is true?


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