Extremely Irritating Things That Parents Have to Stop Doing Right Now

Let me make one thing clear: no, I don’t have children. I’m not even close. However, I’ve grown up with numerous siblings, step-siblings, little cousins, friends of the family and taught enough children that I’ve been around more kids than most.

Most days I see parents doing things that just make me think mate, what are you doing. I decided to compile a list of the most irritating parents do. If you do any of these things, please take a look at yourself.

Lying to your kids. This irritates me no end. Whether it’s pacifying them to keep them quiet or letting them think Santa Claus is real, lying to your child damages their trust, gives them false hope in certain situations, and often confuses them. Kids aren’t dumb. Treat them with respect.


Putting photos on Facebook. Constantly. Congrats, you produced a little ball of snot and vomit and poo. We’re all very happy for you. It doesn’t mean we have to see 50 pictures a day (not to mention status updates) of “my kid just walked its first steps!” “We’re having a great Christmas!” “My son/daughter is ill :(” PUT YOUR PHONE DOWN AND SPEND NORMAL, SOCIAL MEDIA-FREE TIME WITH YOUR CHILD. PLEASE.


Ignoring your baby when it’s crying. Look, I know your baby cries a lot. I know you’re probably sick of it and tried everything to calm it down and now you’re just used to blocking out its screams. But when I see mothers using their phones while their small child is crying, or parents refusing to acknowledge their little ball of joy is annoying everyone else in a two-mile radius, it gets grating.

Let me be clear: I sometimes see babies crying, and their mothers cradling them, talking to them, or whatever. That is fine. If anything, I feel pity. It’s when I see babies getting completely ignored.

Look at that grin on his face. He probably doesn’t even realise he’s been bad. *Rolls eyes*

Taking a picture of them when they’ve been naughty. “Hold on sweetheart! Yeah, right there with the toilet paper in your hand! Maybe sit here so it’s surrounding you! All right, don’t move, I’m going to take a picture! OK! NO, don’t smile, look guilty, like I’ve just walked in! There, perfect! Let’s see how many likes it can get!”


6 Signs Your A Grammar Nazi

1. The title of this post made you wince. It’s “YOU’RE”, damn it!


2. Bad grammar and spelling upsets you more than content.


3. THIS bothers you more than it should.


4. You get inexplicably angry when someone declares that their spelling “isn’t wrong, it’s creative.”


5. You refuse to repost a hilarious meme because they used the wrong version of “there/their/they’re”


6. If someone uses incorrect spelling and grammar, it’s impossible to take them seriously.



Seriously. Proofread before you post. It could save lives.


The Most Dangerous Games: A Small Radio

The Ghost In My Machine

Previously: Channel Infinity.

Normally I wouldn’t post a second game quite so soon after posting the last one, but guess what? It’s October. And October means it’s Halloween season. And since it’s Halloween season, now seems like a good time to look at “A Small Radio.” I mentioned it briefly last year, but due to a lot of Big Life Changes, I wasn’t able to cover it in time for Halloween 2015. I put it on my to do list for the following year, though, and, well… here we are. 

Originally posted to the Creepypasta Wikia by user MacaroniArtZombeh in August of 2013, this game can only be played on a very particular day; trying to do it at any other time will result in a failed attempt. So I figured I’d put it on your radar now, at the beginning of the month, so you have…

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Blood of the Innocent Has Been Shortlisted!

This morning, I got an email saying that Blood of the Innocent has been shortlisted as Book of the Year! This is HUGE!51hlns7z9dl

I’m so grateful to everyone who took the time to vote. Now I would LOVE it if you could vote just one more time…

All you have to do is:

  • Click this link
  • Scroll to the bottom
  • Find “Blood of the Innocent by Poppy Reid”
  • Enter your email address

And that’s it!

Thank you so much!

*Happy dances*

Remy’s soup

Just watched Ratatouille again and the soup always makes my stomach rumble. I’m going to cook this!

Out of the Ordinary

Have you ever wondered what Remy puts in the soup that Linguini nearly ruins in Ratatouille? Of course you have! We all have. Well, here in the test kitchens of The Ordinary, we’ve done exhaustive research to arrive at the definitive version of the soup, with the precise ingredients that Remy used. Precisely definitive! We watched this scene dozens of times. We’ve listened to characters’ descriptions of the soup, and we’ve analyzed the inner workings of the kitchen to arrive at a soup that is a “spicy yet subtle taste experience.” Let us walk you through it. To begin with, when Linguini nearly knocks the pot off the stove, the soup looks like tomato sauce. We determined, decidedly, that it’s probably some sort of tomato soup. We kept that part simple, but we did add a spicy element, because nothing we saw Remy add could be described as “spicy.” Linguini…

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9 Reasons You Should Do NaNoWriMo This Year

National Novel Writing Month is here! NaNoWriMo has a good ring to it, don’t you think?


It’s still early in the month, and it’s not too late to sign up. Too busy? Too tired? Can’t be arsed? Here’s nine reasons why you should write a 50k word novel this month.

  1. You’ll finally bring that idea to life. That half-complete story you’ve had floating in your mind or the page of notes hiding on your laptop? That could be a novel in thirty days’ time.
  2. Anyone can do it. Anyone who has the ability to physically write and has access to the internet, anyway. And since you’re reading this, I’m assuming you have both.

    Thanks for visiting! Have this free ebook!
  3. It helps you get into good writing habits. After writing fifty thousand words in one month, reaching your personal daily word count on other projects will be a breeze.
  4. It gives you discipline. You have a goal, and that goal is just under 2k a day. Discipline yourself, and any type of good habit becomes easier.
  5. You can become part of a great community of writers. NaNoWriMo is very sociable, and you may end up meeting some awesome people.
  6. You can see how others in your area are doing. Register your region and you can see how many other people in your city are participating. It’s surprisingly motivating.
  7. You have access to some sweeeeeeeeeet souvenirs. NaNoWriMo sells some pretty cool “writer” items that you can purchase whether you reach the word count goal or not.
  8. The satisfaction of winning. If you reach 50k, you are congratulations-ed and wowed so much that you’ll feel just flipping awesome.
  9. It may become something more. That 50k draft you completed? By this time next year, after a few edits, chopping, adding and changing, it could be a (debut) novel.

So what are you waiting for, exactly? Sign up now! If you don’t make it, it doesn’t matter. It’s fun! Who knows, you may surprise yourself…