Poppy is constantly writing fiction, some of which have been released by Quest Publications, and others which are free to read online.


“The emotion portrayed and the stories involved were spectacular.” – Thomas Atwood, author of Dauntless


The Mages came from Atharron. Immortal, kingly beings, they rule over Theldiniya and guide us towards peace and salvation. But what about before these godly men arrived on Theldinese soil? What drove them away from their homeland? From the land of of Atharron, where Giants roam and Magic is forbidden, we explore their stories…

The Queen’s Alchemist is a great starting-off story if you are new to Poppy Reid’s fictional works. This free ebook gives you a taste of the world before the events of the Blood Scrolls Trilogy, and a taste of Reid’s writing style. Don’t miss it – download your free copy now!

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“[Blood of the Fallen] is written with heart and with characters that you’ll come to care for.” – J.M.D. Reid, author of The False Sun

11155060_1598373177116204_2088180603197338027_oTheldiniya has been torn apart by two hundred gruelling years of war, both sides forsaken by their ancient gods. One last desperate strike by the Tyrans has prophesised doom for their people, yet, undeterred by the Seer’s cataclysmic predictions, a clan of Tyran warriors have moved east to attack a small Elven village. The Seer turns to Villid, his last true friend, in hopes that he will help protect the Elf Seer and save the Tyran people. When Villid is framed for a crime he didn’t commit he finds an unexpected ally in Aya, an Elf girl, forcing them to rely on each other to survive. In such turbulent times an unlikely friendship is formed between those who once would have been enemies…

“[It] left me excited for the next installment… a cast of unique characters from various blends of fantastical races.”
– Daniel L. Welch, author of Tears of Blood (The Veronian Archives)

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“The writing style is sublime from beginning to end, the new characters are rich and unique, and the story has the feel of one of the great walking the earth epics.” – Thomas Atwood Jr., author of Dauntless

Villid’s journey continues as he braces the freezing mountains in the north. With the power of the Darkma growing stronger every day, Villid has no choice but to leave behind his companion, Aya, and travel alone to ask the isolated Vrana tribe for their soldiers’ help in the Red Wars. But when he receives devastating news about the woman waiting for him hundreds of miles away, fighting in the war becomes the last thing on his mind.

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